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Tatanka Workshops

**NEW for Victor Lethbridge**


Victor has recently added ADULT presentations to his speaking career.


In 2019 Victor graduated from University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business

  • Certificate in the Aboriginal Management Program.

Victor has been accepted into Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business

  • Executive MBA Program in Indigenous Business and Leadership


Victor’s special areas of interest with regards to adults are two-fold.

  1. Community Development: Presenting workshops for Adult Portfolio Holders on team building, effective communication and becoming better listeners.
  2. Alternative energy and emerging technology.


ADULT Topics: Small Actions Make Big Differences

  1. Keys to Effective Communication
  2. Achieving Success With Difficult People
  3. Building Teams That Work
  4. Finding Purpose and Achieving Your Potential
  5. Grieving, Loss and Resilience 
  6. Alternative energy and emerging technology



Our main presenter is award winning First Nation author and motivational speaker, Victor Lethbridge. He has a proven track record with nearly 20 years of presentation experience.

Victor’s multimedia approach and interactive skits act as a catalyst to engage his audience and addresses a variety of topics which pertain to today’s youth. Workshops are age appropriate and customized to each community’s needs. A selection of up to three topics can be used within any given workshop.

Victor Lethbridge tours independently though he also joins other presenters for Youth Conferences and larger budget events. He comes for a flat fee which includes travel, accommodation, sound and light systems, and posters. This makes your event easy to book, organize, and promote.

Tatanka Workshops provides a choice of various topics which have a foundation of educational and literacy excellence as we encourage youth to achieve their individual potential.

Workshops are custom made for each age appropriate grouping.


 Topics include the following:

    Drug & Alcohol Abuse (Fentanyl, Crystal Meth, Marijuana, Crack Cocaine)

      Bullying Prevention                       Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Leadership Development             Relationships: Dating/Marriage

         Tobacco Reduction                        Self-Esteem/Respect/Peer Pressure 

 Grieving, Loss and Resilience       Career Development & Success

     HIV/AIDS and STIs                          Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder


 Tatanka Workshops believes in ‘Community Based Initiatives’ by working in conjunction with the community members in specific programs including film making, book writing, jerky making, and other cultural programs. 

Workshop Pictures

Words for Healthy Living


           Limiting Language                   Language of Possibilities
            Kills time                   Makes time
            Expects to fail                   Expects to succeed
        Is part of the problem                   Is part of the solution
            Controls                    Empowers
            Resents others                   Learns from others
            Says I’ll try that                   Says I’ll do that
            Sees problems                   Sees opportunities
            Only wishes                     Makes dreams come true


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